November 20th, 2019


No news is ...?

This is the third incarnation of my RTC3 blog which started here, but for the moment is taking on a new life recording my darling Janet's recovery from an ischaemic stroke, the result of an unusually difficult TAVI (Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation). The entry here gives background information.

* * * * *

I've held off writing a blog entry for some time, in the hope that I might have something positive to report. And indeed up until yesterday, I was beginning to despair, because Janet seemed to be becoming more and more depressed. We'd seen a doctor on Monday about her depression, but he'd felt the need for blood tests to rule out some mineral deficiency (he mentioned calcium as an example) and, apart from that, could only tentatively suggest counselling. And although he said he wanted to see her again in ten days to two weeks, the earliest available appointment was in just over three weeks, thus potentially prolonging our misery still further.

But then yesterday (Tuesday) her mood suddenly improved, and she said she was feeling her old self again. She'd had her usual weekly visit to have her hair done in the morning, followed by the blood tests (there's a clinic that does NHS phlebotomy a few doors down from the hairdressers), and then a phone call from her elder son Simon in NYC in the afternoon, so perhaps it was this last that somehow did the trick. Or perhaps some random event nudged some part(s) of her mind back onto the rails. Apart from the lifting of her depression, there are no other obvious signs of improvement to her mental condition, so it's all a bit of a mystery - nevertheless a mystery that I'm very happy to live with. She's still OK today, so here's hoping that it continues.