October 27th, 2019


A better week

This is the third incarnation of my RTC3 blog which started here, but for the moment is taking on a new life recording my darling Janet's recovery from an ischaemic stroke, the result of an unusually difficult TAVI (Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Implantation). The entry here gives background information.

* * * * *

Although there were still some downs, Janet definitely had a better week last week, which included a rapprochement with the dear friend I mentioned in the previous journal entry.

I'm managing to take Janet out for a walk nearly every day, and have been gradually increasing the length. A minor success is that when Janet is crossing a road, she is now stepping off the pavement more confidently, something which seemed to be bothering her previously - whereas stepping back onto the pavement from the road always seemed much less of a problem.

On two days each week, these walks usually take in visits to small social groups, one of which she'd belonged to before her stroke, and the other she's new to but is an old friend of one of the other members. I have a third group (one specifically for stroke victims) in my sights, so may give that a go this coming week. In addition to walking, the physiotherapist who's been visiting Janet has given her some daily exercises, and added two new ones last week.